The rules of engagement for Christians

By Dana Hall McCain - Posted at

Today I'm going to preach a little to my brethren in the Christian faith. If that's not you, feel free to go watch Netflix or walk the dog. You're off the hook.

I feel like all of us--myself included--could use a refresher course on how to communicate and act in the political realm in a distinctly Christian way. Christ calls us to be in this world, but not of it.

I've never seen anything more efficient at making Christians of the world than politics.

It's a dirty business, known for its corruption, its double-speak, and its worship of power. It unashamedly insists that the ends justify the means. If you demand better, they scoff and call you naive.

We lie down with dogs, we get up with fleas.

How do we glean from political and civic engagement the positive impact it may yield, without sinking into the mire?

Unless we're disciplined, intentional and aware of the risks, we don't. But there are some guardrails that can help us to avoid the pitfalls as we work to bring positive changes to our communities, our state and our nation.