Social Media Wars

By Bill Muehlenberg - Posted at Culture Watch:

In the ‘old days’ the newly created social media platforms like MySpace were designed to help people more easily connect with one another, share news, keep in touch, and so on. And like many new technologies, some did really well and some not so well.

MS now seems to be a thing of the past, while other sites like Facebook continue to rise, or so it seems. But all the various big cheese internet media platforms, such as FB, Google, Twitter, YouTube, etc, have increasingly been becoming politically active and hostile to conservative and Christian values.

When things like FB and Google have such a commanding monopoly, that can really become problematic, and one must start looking for alternatives as things get worse and worse. Of course if one uses these various internet thingees for quite innocuous purposes such as sharing a pic of the morning coffee you had, it may be no big deal.

But if you have interests in posting or sharing somewhat more serious and important stuff, say, about your Christian faith or your conservative beliefs, you will know that both are increasingly taking a hammering from all the big media sites.


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