What Every Parent Needs to Know About the Updated Instagram

By Kelly Newcom - Posted at Brave Parenting:

Battling For Souls

There are a few gigantic corporations brutally fighting it out in order to win the souls of our children (and money in their pockets.) By ‘souls’ we mean their entire livelihood and by ‘money’ we mean many millions.

Aside from Google, who is a clear pack leader with their efforts to take over the classroom, three social media giants: Facebook, Instagram (now owned by Facebook), and Snapchat are shamelessly copying popular features from one another to captivate the attention of our children. Last year, Snapchat pulled ahead of their two competitors capturing 79 percent of our teenagers time and lives. It was the first year Facebook didn’t take the crown. Everyone took notice and action.

If disappearing pictures work so well for Snapchat, why not add them to Instagram?

If stories work so well for Snapchat, why not add them to Instagram and Facebook?

With the addition of the features, social media gurus are now promoting Instagram as the number one app to be on. The decline of Snapchat use is great but this means Instagram (with all of its Snapchat-like features) will be where our kids will want to be.

In the past, Brave Parenting recommended Instagram as a initial introduction to social media. As it is with technology, change happens quickly and with that our recommendation changes.

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