Why Masterpiece Cakeshop case could bring a major Supreme Court ruling on free expression

By Michael Farris - Posted at FOX News:

As our nation struggles through deep divisions, we should strive not to use the law as a cudgel against those holding views about marriage that the Supreme Court recently described as “decent and honorable.”

The Supreme Court will hear oral arguments Tuesday in a landmark case that could determine if the First Amendment to the Constitution will continue to protect the freedom of artists who wish to act in a manner consistent with their sincerely held beliefs.

The case before our nation’s highest court is called Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission. The organization that I lead, Alliance Defending Freedom, is representing the cake shop and its owner, cake artist Jack Phillips.

Phillips said he couldn’t design a custom wedding cake for two men who requested it. He declined because using his artistic talents to celebrate a same-sex marriage would violate his Christian faith and his artistic freedom.

The two men then filed a lawsuit against him. But contrary to what they allege, Phillips didn’t discriminate against them. While he can’t create cakes that celebrate what his faith prohibits, he offered to sell the men anything else in his shop or to design a cake for them for another occasion. He serves all people, but can’t express all messages or celebrate all events.

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