The American Priest who Proved the Reformation is Not Over

By Jordan Standridge - Posted at The Cripplegate:

There we were at the Holy Steps in Rome. The famous steps that were supposedly transported from Jerusalem to Rome, where Jesus walked up to Pilate right before His crucifixion. The steps that would play a monumental role in leading Luther to question Roman Catholicism.

Hundreds of people go up these steps each day, going through the motions in order to be able to remove some time from purgatory for themselves or a loved one.

As we stood there, we grieved in watching people, one by one, begin their ascension up the steps, praying to Mary to honor the promise that the Pope and Cardinals gave–that they who go up the steps will receive pardon for sin.

Last year, it was here that a woman in a wheelchair cried in agony over her inability to go up the steps and partake in this essential Roman Catholic practice.

I love taking groups to this spot because they get to see with their own eyes the works-based system that is Roman Catholicism. They don’t need to take my word for it anymore, they are able to witness it for themselves and come back from the trip a little more likely to evangelize their Catholic neighbors.

There was still some confusion though. One guy on our team thought to himself, American Catholicism is different. They simply wouldn’t partake in this. Just as he was thinking these thoughts a group of 50 or so Roman Catholics showed up. As they approached the building, the American priest instructed the group to go up the steps. He told them what to do, and told them what the benefits of going through these motions would bring to them.