China: 'Pastor, missionary faces persecution before National Party Congress'

Yan Xiaojie -  ChinaAid
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(Wenzhou, Zhejiang—Oct. 20, 2017) As Chinese officials cracked down on religion and dissent ahead of the 19th National Party Congress of the Communist Party of China, a missionary and pastor issued a prayer letter on Oct. 13, crying out against the constant harassment he and his family have experienced.

Even though missionary and pastor Yan Xiaojie has maintained a low profile since being released in February 2016, he wrote a letter on Oct. 13 asking for prayer due to continuous government persecution. In the letter, he writes, “What kind of crime did I commit? In this period, Wenzhou authorities keep harassing me, asking me to report to the police station every day and coming to my home daily. They seriously disturb my family’s life—especially that of my two elderly [parents]—my life, and my work.”

He also wrote,
“In the end, I don’t know why [they harass me]? … [In 2015], they captured me for no reason, and I was shut for half a year in a small, black room. Inside, I was constantly hurt and attacked. I have not exposed them to the world, because they do not allow me to tell about the things that happened inside the prison. I have not yet started to protest and complain … Do we Chinese people have human rights at all?”

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