Action, prayer, Gospel fuel Baptist response to Irma

Hurricane Irma, a category 5 storm, devastated many parts of the Caribbean Tuesday, Sept. 5. The storm now threatens Florida, where is is forecast to make landfall in south Florida Sunday morning and bring strong winds and rain to both coasts of the peninsula as it moves north. Screen capture from Source: Baptist Press

By Diana Chandler - Posted at Baptist Press:

NASHVILLE (BP) -- With Caribbean islands devastated and hurricane Irma still large enough to charge up both sides of Florida simultaneously, Southern Baptist leaders are exhorting the church to pray, give, go and offer the comfort that only the Holy Spirit affords.

As a Category 5 hurricane, Irma killed at least 11 people, devastated some Caribbean islands and heavily damaged others beginning Tuesday night (Sept. 5), the Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency (CDEMA) reported in daily updates.

Irma's more than 600-mile width is enough to flood the east and west coasts of Florida concurrently when it makes anticipated landfall as a category 4 Sunday (Sept. 10).

Southern Baptist Convention President Steve Gaines encouraged Southern Baptists to pray, give and personally go to help those in need.


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