UK Christian festival features Islamic “worship” chants

Greenbelt 2017 : The Common Good - Facebook

By Amy Spreeman - Posted at Berean Research:

Imagine learning Quranic chants from an anti-Christ religion, to worship our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ? That’s exactly what’s going on at a so-called “Christian” festival this month. Christian worshipers at the annual Greenbelt Christian festival near London can now learn Islamic worship chants to Allah.

It’s a Chrislamic syncretism that will be taught to kids, teens and adults August 25 – 28. The social justice/environmental festival is called Greenbelt 2017: The Common Good. Which explains a lot. The chanting lessons are taught at the festival by the Ansari Qadiri Rifai Tariqa, an international non-profit group, which invites Christians to learn how to use basic universal Sufi chants. Greenbelt Christian leaders say the chants are rhythmic, and have healing properties. Festival-goers are invited to “come, enter in, learn and participate”.

Ansari’s mission is to promote Sufism founded on the Quran, while the Greenbelt website says its primary mission is “to be available to guide seekers of Allah”.

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