The Addiction To Self-Righteousness

Image Source: LA Times

By Dr. R. Scott Clark - Posted at The Heidelblog
Christians ought to denounce fascism, racism (as traditionally defined), bigotry, and claims of racial superiority (e.g., White supremacy). They are gross sins against God and his image bearers (other humans). They should also denounce class warfare, dialectical materialism, pragmatism, mobs, and vigilante violence (e.g., Antifa). Christians, however, are not entitled to self-righteousness. We should also examine our own souls. ...

One of the several reasons that it is difficult to have a reasoned discussion about the events that transpired in Charlottesville is that the groups like neo-Nazis and the Klan provide such an almost irresistible opportunity for self-righteousness. The history of these groups warrants concern. After all, within my lifetime there were Klan marches, crosses burned, and even Klan organized lynchings. Law enforcement knows that some White supremacist groups pose a significant threat to public safety. One of them did murder someone and others were carrying semi-automatic rifles, so there was some level of danger.

Nevertheless, one wonders what might have happened had a small group of neo-Nazis showed up to protest and they were utterly ignored. What if there were no counter-protesters (more about them below) and no wall-to-wall cable news coverage? Would that not have been the greatest humiliation?