Flashback 2003: “the INKster” & “the Rev. Holy Man Doug Wilson”

Posted at The Truth About Moscow:

The Moscow-Pullman Daily News used to publish a weekly column by Vera White every Friday. She called herself “the INKster” and used the traditional gossip-columnist format, but only a fool would discount her on this point. She’d make them regret it, which is why everyone read INK. She could dish.

Pastor Douglas Wilson of Christ Church in Moscow, Idaho, dubbed Vera White “Virulent White” (sorry, can’t find the link). She returned the favor calling him “the Rev. Holy Man Doug Wilson” — not because she thought him holy. She returned the favor other ways too. For example, in 2004 the Rev. Holy Man retained a proxy to make an offer on prime downtown property where he planned to build a cathedral. Vera learned this and informed the owner who the proxy represented. The deal died on the spot. +1 Vera.

Vera White passed away about 15 months ago. So here’s a timely gem from the INKster about the Rev. Holy Man Doug Wilson and southern slavery from November 21, 2003...