The Beatitudes of the Heart: A Brief Reflection

By Austin Brown - Posted at Gentle Reformation:

Blessed are those who feel the weight of their spiritual need.

Blessed are those whose hearts break over sin and evil.

Blessed are the gentle and humble of heart.

Blessed are those who are thirsty and hungry for righteousness.

Blessed are those who love to shower forth mercy.

Blessed are those whose hearts are unstained.

Blessed are those who mend relationships with the salve of peace.

Blessed are those who suffer while following Christ.

It’s such a simple observation, but when I write out The Beatitudes in my own words, wanting to feel what is being said afresh, I am struck by how heart-centered they truly are.  Rather than revolving around codes of dress or some other external manifestation, Christ plows deep into the soul of man, right into our beating hearts.  It is all about attitudes; and affections; and dispositions; the very deepest; the kind that not only swirl in the center but center on the whole- man in his totality.

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