What Is My Calling?

By Evan Murch - Posted at Evan's Scattered Thoughts:

I have been thinking about this a lot lately. Often young people are told that we need to “find our calling” but sometimes this concept is very vague and unhelpful. What is a calling? How do we find it? Do we only have one calling? I will venture to lend my thoughts on this subject.

First, read the Bible.

We need to recognize the Bible is all we need to make us fully equipped for every good work (2Tim.3:16); thus, our calling(s) should be made evident by reading the Word. No special revelation is required.

In order to understand our calling we need to be reading, studying, immersing ourselves in the Word. We need to see the world through the lens God sees it, and this is only possible by the work of the Holy Spirit through the Scriptures. In order to change the way the world is, we need to know how it ought to be by reading God’s Word.

Second, obey.

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