On Wilson’s faux-repentance

Posted at Louisiana Huguenot:

Doug Wilson says he dropped the label of Federal Vision. What those giddy for church unity fail to see is he maintains he is keeping the content. I suggested he should resign from the ministry and join a church body that holds him accountable. Repentance in the abstract isn’t real.

The problem is that the CREC can’t hold people accountable. As Butler and Harris note,

The McPresbytery may
by two-thirds majority vote and pending judicial process, censure a member church or a CREC officer. A censure under this provision does not affect a member church’s voting rights or appeal rights in the broader assemblies. (IV.A.2.n) ...
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See also:
"Here we see in blatant form that the Krek is not only not presbyterian, it is not even an instance of any form of church government. The local 'elders,' including the local 'pastor,' give the appearance of accountability to a 'wider body,' but not to worry, fellows, as long as the men in the wider assembly agree with you, it will only increase the weight of your 'rule,' but if they ever disagree, you can do whatever you want anyhow, and if they really really disagree, all they can do is say 'nyah nyah, you are not part of the Krek any more,' leaving you just as free as you were before joining the Krek."