2016: The Year Walmart Went 100-Percent ‘Gay’

By Peter LaBarbera - Posted at Americans For Truth About Homosexuality:

Walmart funds leftist homosexual groups and perverse LGBTQueer “pride” parades, markets “gay” products like “Heather Has Two Mommies”

Walmart Now Markets Homosexuality to Kids: Walmart’s online store sells the new edition of “Heather Has Two Mommies,” a “children’s” picture book that promotes the normalcy of lesbian parenting. Above is a screen shot of Walmart.com. The retail giant now scores a “100 percent” on Human Rights Campaign’s rigged “Corporate Equality Index”–which punishes corporations for giving to pro-family organizations, yet rewards them for funding LGBTQ activist groups. To receive a “100-percent” score, corporations must be committed to funding grotesque, body-disfiguring transsexual “sex-reassignment surgeries” as part of their company’s “health” insurance plan for employees.
Take Action: contact Walmart HERE or call 800-925-6278). Click to enlarge.

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* Please be warned of disturbing photos at the AFTAH website. - AW


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