Unholy Alliances: Abby Johnson Exposed

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Editor's Note: This article was originally published 4.08.2013. - AW

Abby Johnson is a famous voice in the pro-life movement. She leftPlanned Parenthood as a clinic director in 2009, joined Live Action as a research strategist, and then became Senior Policy Advisor forAmericans United for Life in 2011. Readers can go to her official website and that of her autobiography unPLANNED.

Abby posted the following status on her Facebook page on Saturday, April 6.

I am so tired of the denominational divide. I don’t care if you are Baptist, Muslim, Atheist…whatever. If you are pro-life, I will stand with you. All of this fighting about religion is really ridiculous. Are there differences among all of us? Yes. Does that mean we can’t work together? Absolutely not. Just cut it out. While we fight, babies die.

I was horrified. I completely disagreed and said so, but almost no one took my side. They all agreed with Abby – spouting inclusivism, unity for life, and religious tolerance. One person even told me, “Why don’t you “unlike” Abby’s page? It’s obvious that you’re not a supporter, so go somewhere else to spread your venom. She’s done more pro-life education than you will ever do in your lifetime!” Hours later, Abby posted another Facebook status.


  1. Abby is lost as far as the truth of Jesus Christ and I know she is hurting to see babies not killed... this love is from God and God is Jesus and we must always rebuke false religion as much as possible... as far as what we do when we are at planned parenthood, I see that God will use anyone or anything to try and stop murder... the answers are so vague on what to do but I have found that it is better to let them all gather without saying anything... I just don't agree in getting together outside of the streets.. I can not stop who will show up but I am glad it is someone, even if it is a person that does not believe in God... the more people see that even the unsaved care, then the less willing they will be to murder... when i was an atheist, i had no care for who was Christain or who was not but if i would had chosen to kill my baby, then i would had been likely to listen to anyone at that moment... I pray for the lost who are there to stop murder and I say things against the pope, trying to give witness to them, as I also rebuke obama, and the wicked government, but it is to reach out to everyone, including the wicked minded ones who kill for a bill or the ones standing on the streets to stop it... I have been harsh and cruel to others who do not know Jesus as the Only Lord and God, and I have had fire in me over this, so now, I know that my place is to pray for them and keep on showing my posters... God gave me revelation one time that its the same as calling a cop or having a dr to care for us during emergencies or surgery... what He revealed to me is that during a time of death and life, none of us ask for a Christian dr or a Christian cop, even though we are hoping for that... we don't tell them to stop what they are doing to help us if we find out they are not saved or are mislead... so when I am out at planned murderhoood, I see it as the same thing... I realize that I am celebrating the fact that a woman chose to turn around and not kill her baby, but I am not rebuking her if she is lost... I am giving her the word if she wants it... I also realize that if the lost are going to go and try to save children from death then its the same as a cop trying to stop our death from a perpatrator... so I realize that they are a tool that God is using... Do they need direction? yes... its the same as going into a grocery store, needing food and someone tells us that we should not go in there because the owners are atheist, but the problem is that its the only store around or its the only one that has what we need or the only one that has our rx... we buy cars from nonbelievers, we buy homes from nonbelievers... we do so many things... we go inside restraunts that are owned by nonbelievers and that even play secular music... Gods mercy for His children is everywhere... I am starting to see that its better to just let them all show up without rebuking them or telling them they are making it worse then the opposite... God knows who, when, what, where and how... I can just pray and live for Him and stay clear of company that is not true believers... I pray this has helped my dear sister and I love you in the name of Christ...


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