Hillsong and Pedophilia: Cover-Ups Galore Down Under

By Bud Ahlheim - Posted at Pulpit & Pen:

Brian Houston’s best selling book, Live Love Lead, was published in September 2015. At the time of the book’s publication, the public was becoming aware of a continuing cover-up perpetuated at Houston’s hands, with perhaps the complicit support of the government’s lead investigator into the sordid matter of multiple claims of the sexual abuse of children perpetrated by Houston’s pastor father, Frank.

In his book, Houston devotes a chapter, entitled The Worst Day of My Life, to recounting his version of the day when the pedophilic proclivities of his father first came to his attention.

“George [Aghajanian, General Manager, Hillsong Church] proceeded to tell me how a phone call had come into our church office. The caller told one of our pastors that he had recently been ministering at a local church and that after his talk, a lady wanted to speak with him. It was during this conversation that she exposed to him something (I later learned) she had been carrying for many years: ‘Frank Houston sexually abused my son.” (Brian Houston, Live Love Lead, page 70.)

The news was, of course, shocking.

“Of all the things that George might have told me about my father, this could not have been further from what I had expected to hear. … To give you some context, my father – William Francis ‘Frank’ Houston – had always been my hero…So much of my motivation for wanting to serve God and build the church came from my father. Which is why the very thought of this story was so shattering.” (Brian Houston, Live Love Lead, pp 70-71)

These words – which were published in September 2015 – may yet reveal more than just Brian’s motivation for his ministerial pursuits. They may also reflect the motivation for his cover-up of truth that later came out, not merely about one abuse victim, but six others, all at the hands of his paternal “hero.”


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