And Sometimes God Gives You What You Ask For

Today marks the beginning of my annual summer vacation stretch where I take a little time off to enjoy my family. But, I don’t think that my heart or mind will be able to rest this week until I pour this post out on the altar, an offering to Christ from a simple West Texas mama.

The past several months in our country have been harrowing. We almost feel like it’s all a bad dream. The senseless killing. The anger. The hatred. I learned today that several countries have warned their citizens to reconsider travel plans to the U.S. This nation, which has always been a guiding light, a beacon of hope, is now being advertised as too dangerous to visit. Too dark. Too risky.

How did we get here?

Some say it’s the guns. As if guns have suddenly become more deadly than they’ve always been before. Guns have always been in American homes. They’ve always provided the power to protect or to kill. The guns haven’t grown more deadly. People have.

After all, what’s going on here is so much bigger than weapons.

Everything about our culture says that human life is dispensable. A trillion dollar pornography industry teaches children and adults every single day that people are nothing more than objects to be used. The human trafficking related to that disgusting trade means that mothers are afraid to walk into a dollar store with their children, knowing that there could be someone lurking nearby who is waiting for an opportunity to take their babies away, sold to the highest bidder, girls with real souls and bright minds and big hearts, reduced to nothing more than a one-dimensional commodity. In that world they exist only to be abused and harmed in every possible way, while the good men and women of the world watch it from the comfort of their own homes.


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