Trump and Hillary not the answer, but neither is Johnson

By Brandon Craig - Posted at The Reformed Layman:

Since the Democrat and Republican parties have put up some of the worst candidates we have ever seen many people are left searching for an alternative. Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson hails himself as the best of both parties, fiscally conservative and socially liberal. Johnson is telling the truth in that regard. He is much more fiscally conservative than any candidate the GOP has had in a long time, and he also is very socially liberal. Coming from the Libertarian Party one would think that the liberal part would not be an issue for conservative and libertarian Christians because as a libertarian surely he doesn’t want the government to force liberal positions on people. The problem is that in some areas he does indeed want to use the force of government on those issues just like any other democrat. I will say upfront that he is a much better candidate than either Trump or Hillary but having said that, he holds to some positions that disqualify him from consideration.

The first disqualifying position is that of abortion. Even though Johnson is pro abortion (I refuse to use the term “pro-choice”, since a person who thinks it should be legal to kill their child in the womb is necessarily pro abortion), I do think a Johnson presidency would do more overall to limit and decrease abortion. The reason for that is that Johnson opposes Roe v. Wade which means that he would rather the decision should be on a state level. Since there are many states that would surely make abortion illegal, this would be a big step towards ending abortion. Johnson also has said he would appoint Judge Napolitano as a Supreme Court Justice and Judge Nap is very much a pro life judge. That said, Johnson’s position on abortion is still that it should be a personal choice. As I previously stated this is essentially saying that he refuses to uphold his duty as a governing authority to protect the right to life of children in the womb. If a candidate cannot get that most basic right correct, I cannot vote for him nor can I suggest anything other to Christians than not voting for him.