The Modesty Debate
By Sam Powell - Posted at My Only Comfort:

This is a post that I’ve been meaning to write for a while now. And since it keeps coming up, I figured that I wouldn’t procrastinate any longer, but just put up my thoughts and let them fall where they may.

I’m talking about the modesty debate. You have heard it in Christian circles. I’ve heard it. My daughters have heard it. You really can’t send you kids off to a Christian camp during the summer without it.

It’s this. “Girls, listen up! These guys are your Christian brothers! When you dress immodestly, you are putting stumbling blocks in their way to purity! They are always tempted to lust, and you girls have to understand that, and dress accordingly.”

This sounds good on the surface, and many don’t give it a second thought. Except, of course, for the girls.

The problem with it is this. It’s degrading to women. It’s degrading to men. It’s degrading to Christ and his work. It’s thoroughly unbiblical, and therefore of no use whatsoever to salvation, purity or holiness.

Here are my problems: ...


Editor's Note: For more clarification on the author's thoughts on the article posted above, please see The Modesty Debate Follow-up. Thank you, AW


  1. I posted a comment on the modesty article above on the author's blog because the Pastor seemed to be playing down the dangers of immodesty. I quoted a detective I heard about who had 17 years experience who stated that in most cases of assaults on women, provocative clothing was a factor. I also quoted the Puritan Richard Baxter who likened those who would enflame passions to those who would walk among gunpowder with a candle. I also told the Pastor who wrote the article that married women feel threatened by immodest women and I said that many such women are found in Christian churches. He deleted my comment and when I found out and asked why, he said my views were not Biblically tenable. So I posted another comment which he will probably also delete. I have found it easier to have my comments posted on an atheist blog (I confronted the atheist, a former Pastor because of comments he made about Christianity.) He allowed my comments unlike the Pastor at the blog ""

  2. Hi Susan, You bring up valid points and I'm sorry the author deleted your comments. Thanks for sharing your thoughts here.


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