Christians & Profanity

By Israel Wayne - Posted at Christian Worldview:

I am an admin for a Facebook group with over 10,000 professing Christians. When we review requests to join the group, it is often disheartening to see the number of profiles that contain lewd pictures, crass jokes, and straight-up profanity on their Facebook walls. Often, there are Bible verses and cuss words randomly interspersed throughout their posts. We also end up having to delete a lot of posts from members who use profane or obscene language in their posted conversations.

I believe many/most of these people are actually church-going, professing Christians. What troubles me most about this is that you have to be far more intentional about what you type, or post, than you are about what you say verbally. If you slam your fingers in the car door, something will emit from your vocal chords and your mouth. It’s not premeditated. I am thankful, that because I never started the nasty habit of swearing, for me, it’s not cuss words. But if that is your background, and/or you were raised with profane language, that may, unfortunately, be your default (until Christ has renewed your mind).

But online, you actually have to think about using that curse word, and you have to type it out…and you can even go back and delete it after you typed it. So there is really just no excuse for that kind of behavior whatsoever. Admittedly, sometimes it’s not actually using the word itself, it’s the popular online acronyms (for example: OMG! for Oh My God!). Evoking God or Jesus in everyday, crude references shows disrespect and a lack of honor for what is holy. If you don’t mean to say the actual words, don’t use the acronyms that represent them either.

To give the benefit of the doubt, I’m going to assume that perhaps many new Christians have simply not studied what the Bible has to say on this issue, and are ignorant of what God requires of us as His followers. Please allow me to share some Scriptures on this topic for your consideration. ...