Why Christians Should Break the Law

By J.D. Hall - Posted at the Pulpit & Pen:

...We must obey God rather than men.” – St. Peter, Acts 5:29

Christians must sometimes break the law. That is a reality. Sometimes, we are left with no choice.

Say, “Yes, ma’am” and “No, sir.” Eat your vegetables. Don’t litter. Brush your teeth. Pay your taxes. Go to church on Sunday. Open doors for ladies. Obey the law. These are all things we were taught as children, and these are all things we teach our children. These are good things. Unfortunately, we have to grow up and realize that “doing right” is not always as easy as it seems. An overly-simplistic understanding of Christian submission is harmful to our spiritual and societal wellbeing, and yet most Christians (so it would seem) understand very little about the topic beyond the childhood admonition of “obey the law.”

Which law?

That question is the first that has to be asked if we are to mature in our understanding of submission. Which laws? Whose laws?

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