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By Dr. Stephen Flick - Posted at Christian Heritage Fellowship:

Benjamin Rush
On April 19, 1813, Dr. Benjamin Rush — one of America’s Founding Fathers — passed into eternity at the age of sixty-seven. Along with George Washington and Benjamin Franklin, Benjamin Rush was regarded as one of the three most important Founding Fathers of America.[1] Though secularists incorrectly take advantage of Benjamin Franklin’s and Thomas Jefferson’s alleged rejection of Christianity, there is no opportunity for misinterpretation concerning one of the godliest and most deeply dedicated Christians among America’s Founding Fathers, Dr. Benjamin Rush.

Dr. Rush is remembered as the “Father of American Medicine,”[2] and “The Father of Public Schools Under the Constitution,”[3] and like the overwhelming majority of the signers of the Declaration of Independence, Dr. Rush was opposed to slavery. As one of the first organizers of America’s first anti-slavery society[4] he soon became a leader in the national abolition movement, which was primarily led by Christians.[5]

It is not true that America was founded upon secularism, but rather upon the influence of Christianity. The single greatest reason that America’s Founding Fathers did not employ much religious or Christian terminology in national or federal legislation is because of the diversity of Christian opinions that existed among them. This fact is very evident from the very First Continental Congress when delegates were establishing the procedures and protocols of Congress.


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