Speak to Me of Debates and Elections

Posted at  See, There's This Thing Called Biology:

Somebody asked me how I planned to vote. Being one who totally believes in free and fair elections where the best candidate wins, I am clearly planning to vote however the Bilderbergers tell me to vote, something they will obviously program me to do through the little alien implant in my head. Trust me, I’m very compliant. The last thing I want to do is go back the Bohemian Grove.

On the other hand it’s probably more cost-effective to just gaslight me through TV, social media, pharmaceuticals, and assorted brainwashing tactics. A bit like Pavlov’s dog, I will salivate according to my conditioning and enthusiastically seek the feelz-good. I just wish our alien lizard overlords would learn more rewards, less punishments. It’s a far more effective tactic. Just pet me…..or send me 500 bucks. Those who will not be beholden to special interests, speak for yourselves. Personally, I could really use the cash.

Allow me to give a special shout out to Donald Trump here, his rhetorical trickery and mastery of the biological bliss hits, is pretty impressive. Also something I predicted would happen a few years back. People are starved for justice, for the opportunity to kick a little behind. As much as we dislike bullies, we all want to be one. Or at least standing behind one. Trump’s play on male and female psychology is phenomenal. No wonder he is so rich. I don’t particularly like him, but I have been compelled to laugh out loud a few times when I caught him playing off people’s biology. Very slick. Very effective. Men especially, are going to be mesmerized. They like bad boys, too.


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