Kill Planned Parenthood Funding, Now Or Never

By Steve Deace - Posted at Conservative Review:

“Democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself.”
- John Adams

The dominating role outsiders have played in the GOP presidential contest so far means we may not get the election we need in 2016, but instead the election we deserve.

Some folks are ready to hand the keys of the kingdom to a reality TV star/business mogul/part-time Democrat, who nonetheless never brings a knife to a gunfight when it comes to harassing the feckless GOP establishment. And speaking of the Democrats, those shattered souls appear ready to walk down the aisle with the sort of man who has been their true heart’s desire all along—an admitted socialist.

This is proof that people no longer trust the usually suspect political class of liars and thieves that has grasped for our trust, our money, and our votes for too long without respecting us enough to take us out for breakfast in the morning. They are tired of being used. They are tired of being ashamed.

Good. It’s about time.

Yet then there is this. A new Heritage Foundation poll found that 78 percent of Americans agree that Planned Parenthood should be stripped of taxpayer funding, while a recent CNN/ORC poll claims that 71 percent of adults don’t want the federal government shut down to help accomplish that goal.

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