Kentucky Clerk Didn’t Follow Christianity Before Converting To It

By Mollie Hemingway - Posted at The Federalist:

The media claim an opponent of same-sex marriage is a hypocrite because she divorced prior to her conversion to Christianity. Hunh?

Lutheran pastor Hans Fiene wrote on Facebook this week:

Today one of my college student members told me how one of her profs recently asked the class how many of them knew the parable of the Good Samaritan. Two kids raised their hand, one of whom thought it referred to the time Jesus spoke to the woman by the well. The professor corrected her and then told her it was the story where the beggar was at the side of the road and the Pharisee passed by. “A pharisee” he told the class “was like a governor.”

So remember, Christians, when these folks tell you that it’s not against your religion to bake a cake for a gay wedding, you can trust them. They’re experts.

I should pause to explain, in case any journalists are reading this, that the parable of the Good Samaritan is completely different from the story of Jesus speaking with the woman by the well. And “a pharisee” was not “like a governor.” Not “like a governor” at all, really, but a member of a Jewish sect known for its strict observance of religious ceremonies and practices and adherence to oral laws and traditions.

This note from Pastor Fiene touched a nerve with Christians on Facebook because stories like this are so common. Yesterday the media were ecumenical in their ignorance, first completely messing up a story about some papal declaration. ...

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