Infants in the Hands of Planned Parenthood: What is the Duty of Love?

By Jennifer Hartline - Posted at The Stream:

Thanks to the videos by the Center for Medical Progress, the abortion industry is nervous. Abortion advocates are feeling threatened — by the truth. The public conscience may finally be waking from its apathetic coma, awakening to the baby body parts industry that has been in our midst for decades.

We’ve witnessed Planned Parenthood’s insatiable appetite for babies to abort and then sell piece by piece. We’ve seen the “red water.” We’ve heard all about the “line items” and the demand for kidneys, hearts and brains.

Planned Parenthood is frantic over the potential loss of $500 million federal dollars each year.

That means it’s time to step up the abortion propaganda. Hence, the #ShoutYourAbortion Twitter campaign this past week, asking post-abortive women to get on Twitter and tell the world how wonderful their abortion was. Time to celebrate killing babies!


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