ILCAAAP Gambling Update - Gaming Board says NO Video Gambling Malls

Thank you to those of you who wrote letters, e-mailed, or make calls to the Illinois Gaming Board asking them not to license multiple video gambling parlors in the same strip malls to become "gambling malls". The Chairman of the Gaming Board said they had heard from you.

Illinois Gaming Board rejects plans for "Casino Mall" Concept
Plans to refurbish a half-empty strip mall outside Chicago into multiple video gambling cafes have been rejected by Illinois Gaming Board members who questioned it as an attempt to skirt state regulations and create a "back-door casino." Read more.

The Chicago Tribune reported Chairman Tracy said, "I view gaming malls as back-door casinos, as I said at the last meeting, without the traditional safeguards of licensed casinos such as regulated security, on-site oversight, position limits, self-exclusion rules and internal controls."
Tracy went on to say that he considers such casino malls "a threat to Illinois gaming integrity" and if the state had envisioned their creation, it would have specifically created riverboat, casino-like safeguards. Read more.

Victory in Geneseo
Geneseo pastors and residents spoke out at a Committee of the Whole meeting this week to oppose overturning the ban on video gambling. Trustees voted down video gaming "in spite of a presentation from J & J Gaming of Effingham on behalf of Beck Oil and other businesses that stood to gain revenue along with the city". Read more.

St. Charles will have video gambling on the agenda in the Committee of the Whole meeting on October 5th. Please pray that Pastors and residents will be allowed to speak, and pray that Aldermen will have the courage to support the ban on video gambling.


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