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By Jacob Aitken - Posted at The Bayou Thebaid:

Wilson tries to defend his actions by pointing to a warning by CS Lewis on the tyrannical Nanny State. In Screwtape Letters and The Abolition of Man Lewis pointed out that “therapeutic punishment” is always more tyrannical than retributive punishment. If you do something wrong--steal from the IRS, witness-tampering, molesting a two-year old, etc--then you receive the penalty appropriate to the crime and that’s it. Punishment over. The Nanny State sees you as sick and wants to “rehab” you until you are better. Of course, it will determine when, if ever, you are better.

Like of all of Wilson’s posts, he deflects any blame from himself by pointing to the abortion industry. “Yeah, attacking the victim and covering up pedophiles might be bad, but you should see the abortion industry.” True, the abortion industry is bad, but that’s not what I am talking about at the moment. Further, when Wendell Berry tried to pull the same stunt you called him on it.

But in this post is Wilson even talking about the Sitler/Wight scandal? It’s hard to say, initially. He does leave us hints.

In controversies over abuse, victims, brokenness, and so on, this is why appeals to justice (i.e. let’s find out what actually happened) so often fall on deaf ears. They don’t care about executing the right prisoner. That is not what this is about. They don’t need to find out if you were the culprit. All they need to know is whether you are the patient.

Since he is talking about victims of “abuse,” he probably doesn’t mean Planned Parenthood. So I take this to be a reference to Sitler.

But before you are allowed to attack him, he brings up Jesus. ...

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Editor's Note:
Men like Wilson prey on those who are sincerely trying to follow the Lord and if they begin to question these deceptive men, they are made to feel their questions are wrong and something is wrong with them for questioning the "pope." One can read reformation history and find examples of the popes using this same tactic to shut down dissension. How dare we question God's anointed they ask... Well, folks, Doug Wilson is not God's anointed and if the good Lord wants him exposed as false, he'll be exposed. ~ AW


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