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When in the course of human events, blogging, one sometimes encounters these accusations of being a fraud. The first time someone decided to try to doxx me, it was rather nasty and included some threats to expose my alleged double life and make sure "the whole world knew what I was really like." They were going to ruin my reputation.

Although I was rather flattered to imagine that "the whole world," might care to find out what I was really like, I decided to consult with my husband. "They say they're going to ruin my whole reputation!" I announced. Hubby who always cuts to the chase with little regard for anyone's feelings, promptly quipped, "What reputation?"

One could take offense at those words, but as witty as they were, they were also wise and instantly restored order to my chaos. I realized I was not running for public office or earning a living as a celebrity. There are no paparazzi at my door, nor have I worked to cultivate a public persona that is different from my private one.


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