Why Planned Parenthood Will Never Be 'Transparent'

By Eric Mataxas - Posted at the Christian Post:

Earlier in July, I talked about the now-infamous video of Planned Parenthood's medical director discussing the sale of fetal body parts by that organization. Of course, Planned Parenthood denies that they traffic in body parts and insist that they are only being compensated for "processing" and "transportation.

This claim that biotech firms are just paying for "shipping and handling" is belied by a subsequent video that shows yet another Planned Parenthood official haggling over the prices of these body parts.

No doubt Planned Parenthood and its apologists will insist that pro-lifers are making much ado about nothing. They'll recycle comparisons to surgery, childbirth, and other "gross" medical procedures and assure America that "there's nothing to see here."

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