Why I Won't Watch or Recommend 'War Room'

By Sunny Shell - Posted at Abandoned to Christ:

Photo credit: David Whitlow, courtesy of AFFIRM Films/Provident Films
'War Room' with Priscilla Shirer and Beth Moore

When "War Room" was being promoted last year, I had many readers contact me, asking what I thought about this upcoming (and now here) Christian film. My response at the time was that I didn't have an opinion one way or another because I didn't know much about it, but would look into it. All I knew was that it was written and produced by the Kendrick Brothers (Stephen and Alex) and so far, I've liked their movies: "Facing the Giants", "Fireproof", and "Courageous". But as many of you already know, I'm vehemently against showing favoritism (though I've done it and repented of it with Kirk Cameron), and am a proponent of testing all things with God's Word, rather than giving blanket approval to everything someone says or does (Acts 17:10-11). We're all fallible human beings and are subject to deception, so we must test all things with God's Word, because Scripture alone is perfect.

As time passed, I began to see and hear more about this movie. Then about a week ago, I saw that Beth Moore and Priscilla Shirer were in the film, with Shirer playing the lead female role. This instantly gave me cause to be greatly concerned about the message of the movie. For those who don't know about Beth Moore's false teachings, please refer to my article here: "What Do Ann Voskamp, Beth Moore and Sarah Young Have in Common?". In short, Beth Moore believes in the unbiblical practice of "binding Satan", as well as proudly declaring her extra-biblical prophetic messages and false visions from the Lord. Unfortunately, Priscilla Shirer is close friends and ministry partners with Beth Moore, and as God warned us, "Bad company, ruins good morals." (1 Cor 15:33)—and Beth Moore is certainly bad company for anyone, especially believers.


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