The face of today’s Christian?

By Pastor Shawn Mathis

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The table next to our booth was empty. The organization that had rented it out had left a few hours earlier. And then it rained.

The table was then no longer empty. It had two young girls—maybe sixteen—hiding from the rain, giggling and talking loudly. Even so, I could not hear them over the din that was Heaven Fest—the Denver lollapalooza that had returned after a two year hiatus.

They initiated the conversation. I was busy winding down from a long day and handing out the last of the Day of Fasting against Abortion flyers.

“Whatch’ya got there?” she asked, her eyes squinting against the setting sun.

“Oh, here.” I stood up and handed them the flyer, explaining its contents in succinct fashion.

She looked up at me with a smile and a quip: “I’m pro-choice.”

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