Oh, You Didn’t Know? Hillsong and the Broadway Boyfriends

By Seth Dunn - Posted at The Pulpit and Pen:

“…many look to our church (Hillsong NYC) as a model of modern Christianity to be emulated.” Josh Canfield, Hillsong NYC Choir Director

It’s an all-too-common occurrence for someone to experience the “coming out” of a homosexual associate, friend, or family member. However, what’s not often so common is shock at the official news that a certain person is gay. Just ask yourself, “How often have I been genuinely surprised by the official ‘out of the closet’ revelation that someone I knew quite well was a homosexual?” From my own personal experience, I can attest that surprise to such announcements is rare. That’s why I’m incredulous to any notion that the leadership of Hillsong NYC was unaware that one its choir directors, Josh Canfield, was a practicing homosexual before he announced his “engagement” to his boyfriend, with whom he had appeared on CBS reality show Survivor. Hillsong NYC almost certainly knew that it had a high-profile homosexual man, in an ongoing homosexual relationship, leading worship at the church. They almost certainly didn’t have problem with it until a pesky blogger made the situation public and jeopardized Hillsong’s status as a titan of the evangelical music, conference, and publishing industry.

When I was high school, there was a boy named Daniel on our cheerleading squad. He wasn’t the burly sort of male cheerleader who throws girls high into the air and catches them; he was not on the squad to provide muscle. Some months ago his mother was interviewed by my town’s local paper. She is an “elder” at a PCUSA church. She was being interviewed because she had recently started an LGBT support group at her church, complete with a Facebook page. During the course of the interview, she told the story of her son “coming out” to her and her coming to terms with it. She mentioned reading Matthew Vines to learn more about a biblical position on homosexuality. When I read the article, I was unsurprised. There was never any story about Daniel coming out at school but everybody could just tell that he was gay. No one ever made a big deal of it; it’s just what it was.

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