Is Attending a Gay Wedding a Matter of Conscience?

By JD Hall - Posted at the Pulipt and Pen:

Sadly, I’ve seen several otherwise ‘solid’ individuals claim that attending a gay wedding (like Karen Swallow Prior has said she would attend under the right circumstances) or a gay wedding reception or after-celebration (like Russell Moore has said he would attend) is a matter of Christian liberty or “Christian conscience.” Is it? Is it really? Very sadly, it was reported to me today that a pastor in ARBCA has stated that attending the wedding or reception was a matter of Christian conscience (I’ve not confirmed that, and I’m skeptical).

I believe so strongly that celebrating sodomy or the profaning of marriage is not a matter of liberty or conscience that my church membership passed (unanimously, by the way) a bylaw making the attending of a gay wedding or celebration result in immediate church discipline.

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