ILCAAAP Gambling Action Alert

Video gambling is being discussed in several communities that currently BAN it
-Elmhurst, Plainfield, Mount Prospect, Mahomet, Forest Park, Sleepy Hollow, Harwood Heights. St. Charles will take a vote on video gaming Sept. 8.

The DeKalb County Board tabled a decision on putting tribal land in trust for a casino
After a seven-year hiatus, the tribe and county moved ahead to implement what still could become the first Native American-operated gaming facility in Illinois. The casino would not require a license from the state, and it would be regulated by the National Indian Gaming Commission, a federal agency.

Their decision was praised by the community. Read more

For immediate action:

  • If you live in a community that is considering video gambling or know people who live there, please contact your Aldermen and Mayor to support the BAN on video gambling. Contacts for St. Charles
  • Continue calls to the De Kalb County Board asking them to oppose putting land in trust for a casino.
  • Share the information below with your local officials and tell them of your opposition to video gambling.
  • Share this Alert with your faith community and ask them to PRAY.
  • Forward to 10 others.

Brookfield seeks to freeze out video gambling parlors
Brookfield wants to require a 1-year wait for a gambling license to keep video gambling parlors out. The village has been inundated with requests, 3 to 4 per week, for video gambling parlors. Gambling revenues are flattening out and some establishments are seeing declines. Read more

Wheeling - Video gambling imposes greater burden on village services
Wheeling officials increased fees for video gambling because "video gaming imposes a greater burden on village services than originally predicted."

The AMVETS were granted a 50% waiver of fees because they said, an "influx of new casino cafes located in high traffic areas is having a very detrimental affect on us." Read more

Video gambling is the most harmful form of gambling in Canada
Video gambling players spent more money and were at higher risk for problem and pathological gambling than for other forms of gambling. The risk of frequent players reporting symptoms of problem and pathological gambling was elevated if they reported playing weekly, spending $50 or more per session, or playing for more than an hour per session, according to a new study published in the Journal of Gambling Studies (August, 2015)


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