Documenting Planned Parenthood Lies that They Provide Mammograms

By SLIMJIM - Posted at The Domain for Truth:

Life News has a story “Out of 8,735 Licensed Mammogram Facilities in the United States, Planned Parenthood Runs 0.” If one were to search on the FDA’s directory on certified facilities that does mammograms there will not be any facilities operated by Planned Parenthood. So much for the lies that Planned Parenthood provides Mammograms. I think this should teach us that we need to be careful even accepting their other statistics given their history of lies.

Just in case some people might say that no one ever said Planned Parenthood claimed to have provided Mammograms except for prolifers here’s some proofs that Planned Parenthood and their supporters did advance this lie.

We begin with the President of Planned Parenthood herself who in 2011 claimed Planned Parenthood offers mammograms which was tested out by phone calls by Live Action: ...

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