Dear Planned Parenthood

By Cheryl Stansberry - Posted at Cross and

Dear Planned Parenthood,

You don’t know me. In your eyes and in the eyes of the world, I am insignificant. I don’t matter to you precisely because I stand in antithesis to your worldview. I am an anomaly in a culture that is dead set on destruction all the while maintaining the façade that those who hold to your values and beliefs are on the “right side of history.” You dismantle each brick of Christian civilization, exclaiming to yourselves, “What a beautiful city we’re building.” But you’re not building. You’re destroying. Justice. Liberty. Life. There is no freedom in the shackles of sin and death.

You look upon the City of Man in its waste and decay and celebrate the evil within. Good has become evil and evil good though all the while making moral judgments against those who stand for life with cries of “extremist,” you discard the absolute moral standards revealed by your Creator God. You have no standard but your own and your standard leads to death. You have listened to the serpent of old and dispensed with the only real source of justice preferring instead to determine good and evil for yourselves.

You are drowning in a sea of blood but you cannot see it. With every dying breath you breathe condemnation on those who fight for the lives of the unborn and for the women who are pawns in your game of death. If you really cared for women you’d stop waging war against the Imago Dei. A woman’s worth is not found in bodily autonomy but as a beautiful soul created in the Image of God, to glorify Him and enjoy Him forever. You rip away her dignity and worth reducing her to an impersonal machine without true purpose, existing only to gratify her sensuous desires at the expense of humanity. “Anything goes” in a society without purpose, without direction, without anchor. The City of Man is a slum, built from the rubble and refuge of Christendom that you and others like you have eagerly sought to destroy.

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