Video gambling license given to felon


Gambling Alert - Video gambling license given to felon

The Chicago Tribune reported the Illinois Gaming Board approved a license for a man who admitted in federal court he installed illegal terminal in west suburban taverns and then falsified tax documents so he and the bar owners could hide the income.

The board also licensed a man previously charged with felony syndicated gambling for allegedly working with his father to install illegal video gambling machines in McHenry County bars, the Tribune reported. Read more

From Chicagoist:

To date, the Gaming Board has issued 7,000 licenses to operate video gambling machines in the state. Fewer than 400 applicants have been denied a license. To his credit, former Gaming Board Chairman Aaron Jaffe said, "Is it possible to drop the ball? Absolutely." He blamed those mistakes on poor funding: "I do think it's important that we were never fully funded to have all the people that we were supposed to have. And I imagine that with cutbacks now, it's going to be even worse."

This, of course, is the same group that we are supposed to trust to bring a casino to Chicago. Read more


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