The Fearful Face of Failure

By Joe Renfro - Posted at The Christian Observer:

"According to one of his cousins, Dylann was enraged and “kind of went over the edge” when a girl he loved spurned him and chose an African-American. (“Dylann Roof Raged When Black Guy Got the Girl,” New York Daily News, by Tobias Salinger, June 22, 2015). Here we can observe another stoke of failure hitting the life of Dylann Roof. This psychological trauma along with the addiction to drugs and his obsession to violent video games display how this fearful face of failure displayed itself. ..."

As the detectives piece together the life of twenty-one year old Dylann Storm Roof, who had a boyish face, but a heart filled with hate and failure, the media projects their usual Anti-Agenda which is saturating our society:  the Anti-gun, the Anti-Confederate flag, the Anti-Racism, the Anti-Islam or Islamophobia, the Anti-Gay Rights, and whatever other Anti-Villain it can find to blame, except the Anti-Sin focus.   Little is said about the failure of our society to see in early education the dangerous mental conditions developing in many of the children influenced by negative factors in our society and addressing them early, as the faces of failure might be taking shape.

The gap that is being increasingly created by focusing on the externals, while neglecting the internals, is a projection of the fearful face of failure. Masses of students in the public schools are failing because of ineffective families, obsession with violent videos, drug addiction, and the lack of positive purpose that can come especially when the Christian message of new life in Christ is ignored or attacked. But it is better to fail at doing right than to succeed at doing wrong.  But for many their only success is to delight in accomplishing something wrong.  Dylann’s life was shadowed with the fearful face of failure, and his only success was to do something dastardly wrong.

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