Sexual hegemony grows: laid off from

By Pastor Shawn Mathis - Posted at Sermon Audio:

"I WAS FIRED from my part-time job at for services no longer needed. Yesterday they had promoted me as a reliable news-source. My hits were going up the last few days. Bing cycled two of my articles on their news-feed. I have been a faithful writer for six years with not one complaint. Now, after five articles on gay marriage, written in an irenic or newsy tone, my last one, on harassment of Christians, is a fitting note for a new age of conformity. All my articles are purged even as other writers with defunct accounts still have theirs up. Diversity is dead. Long live Uniformity. [This is not a substantial source of income, praise God.]"

Thus I wrote on my Facebook page this Wednesday afternoon. Below is the last article I wrote, 30 minutes before I was terminated for no specific reason:

The increasing marginalization of Christianity and why it is a good thing

Christians in America are becoming increasingly marginalized. They are not persecuted in the traditional sense of the word. Rather they are legally harassed by the homosexual lobby. A lobby that has now legalized gay marriage, promising greater marginalization.

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