Online Abortion Loans For Chinese University Students Fuel Controversy Over Morality, Safe Sex Awareness

By Duncan Hewett - Posted at International Business Times:

SHANGHAI -- An Internet company in the southern Chinese city of Guangzhou has sparked controversy after announcing a new social media app to provide interest-free loans to help pregnant university students pay for abortions. Some have said the move is a breakthrough, in a nation where sex before marriage, once taboo, is increasingly common -- but where prejudice against it remains high. But critics say it may only increase the rate of abortions and encourage unsafe sex.

The company’s founder, Yan Zhengsheng, told local media that he had hit on the idea after getting his girlfriend pregnant in his final year at university, and discovering that an abortion and related medical care cost more than $1,600. He said that he had not dared to tell his parents, and had had to borrow money from friends to fund the procedure.

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