Does What We Mean By God Matter?

By Rev. Benjamin P. Glaser - Posted at Mountains and Magnolias:

Christians know the names, “Heavenly Father”, “Jesus Christ”, and “Holy Spirit”, use them regularly in conversation, and more or less have a passing familiarity with what they represent.

Or at least they think they do.

In this short article I want to ask the question do we really know what they mean, scripturally. Do we properly understand their place in relation to ourselves and how our grasp of who God is affects our knowledge of Him? A good number of the problems the Church faces in our day can find their start in losing sight of the immensity of God and His Holiness. His Otherness. To put it bluntly God is God and humans are not. When the church turns God into a comfortable grandfather or a deified version of Santa Claus and casts off, intentionally or not, the sacredness of God we greatly err.

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