Banned Parenthood? Pro-lifers say video scandal should get abortion provider expelled from public schools

By Perry Chiaramonte - Posted at FOX

Christian Pro-Life News Editor's Note: Folks, if your local school district is still allowing Planned Parenthood materials and representatives to teach your children about sex, you need to make your opposition known to the school board and pull your children out of the God-forsaken public schools. - AW

The hidden camera scandal engulfing Planned Parenthood should be enough to get the organization kicked out of public schools, where it is the nation's leading provider of sex ed lessons, say pro-life groups that have long suspected the nonprofit of steering youngsters toward its abortion services.

The national organization is reeling after a group called the Center for Medical Progress released a second video showing Planned Parenthood officials discussing prices for tissue from aborted fetuses. The cringe-inducing videos have prompted calls from some Republicans to cut federal funding to the organization, but its critics have long wanted it out of the classroom.

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