Baby doe

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A four year old girl’s dead body was discovered in a trash bag, dead. Circumstances are yet unknown, (time will prove the darkness) but a young girl, a baby as it were, cast aside as useless, mere trash, a discard of somebody’s ill will. Or maybe she just crawled inside the bag looking for a place to sleep…

Are you outraged? To you who see no difference between man or beast, to you who do not see a man or woman created in the image of God, to you who dismiss the spirit of man which separates him from the animal, why are you outraged?

If the human life ceases at death, and a baby girl is just as ‘dead’ as a run over raccoon, if she has no spirit, why are you outraged? Who are you to place more value on her life as opposed to a dead coyote?

What basis for rational thought have you used to determine the value of her life?

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