After gay marriage: next steps for LGBT activists

By David Roach - Posted at Baptist Press:

Following the June 26 Supreme Court ruling, the advocacy group Freedom To Marry said it would shut down and redeploy many of its resources to a new group called Freedom For All Americans, NPR reported. The new group's website says its goal is "to ensure that all LGBT Americans are afforded comprehensive protections from discrimination." The group is representative of a larger shift among gay marriage advocates, according to NPR.

NASHVILLE (BP) -- With same-sex marriage now legal in all 50 states, pro-gay activists are shifting their focus to issues like alleged workplace, housing and public accommodations discrimination. Some have even proposed stripping churches of their tax-exempt status and legalizing polygamous marriage.

Pro-LGBT activists view the Supreme Court's legalization of gay marriage "as a means to a greater end," said Jon Akin, pastor of Fairview Church in Lebanon, Tenn. -- "a huge means, but I certainly don't think it's the end. I think many will not be happy" if the advance of gay rights "doesn't go further."

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