The Dangerous Abortionist Name Robert Santella

Posted at The Domain for Truth:

You might have heard about this from social media. If you haven’t heard about it you should know that Robert Santella is a dangerous abortionist. If you found this page because you went to a search engine to find his name then I say it is God’s providence for you to read this. For you to be warned. Not just warned about seeking service from him (that is important). But also about the sin of abortion if you are thinking about murdering the preborn. Repent and turn to Jesus and do not murder your child.

Recently Crossmap reported a news story titled “‘Demonic’: Abortionist Holds Scissors Near Pro-Lifer’s Throat While Yelling in His Face.” I have the video embedded below and as you watch this short clip ask yourself about what would happen if this was reversed and a pro-lifer did this to a pro-abortionists; we would not hear the end of it from the Left leaning media. But since this doesn’t help with the abortionists PR imagine we understand the silence...


  1. What a wicked evil doctor. A man who takes obvious pleasure in torturing and dismembering unborn babies. He will burn in hell if he dies as the unrepentant murderer he is. He is a sado-masochist and chilling in the extreme. I will post about him on our blog. Thank you for naming him because we had never heard of him before.


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