Harrison Butker Is Right. We’ve Been Duped Into Sacrificing Womanhood For The Workplace

 By Brianna Lyman - Posted at The Federalist:

Kansas City Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker is being dragged for stating during a 2023 commencement address that one of the most important titles a woman can have is “homemaker.” But as a young, college-educated woman myself, I wish someone had told me those things years ago.

I graduated from Fordham University in 2020 with a bachelor’s degree in International Political Economy — an arduous four-year process that surely would be worth it in the end, I assured myself. But as it turns out, the fruits of my labor — going on national television, meeting high-ranking elected officials, and breaking important news — while fulfilling to a degree, simply do not satiate my growing appetite for the one thing I can’t do independently: have a family.

Throughout my college years, female students were encouraged to develop a sense of hyper-independence. Get your degree. Enter the workforce. Rise to the top. You don’t need a man!

I would often hear from my lefty female professors that men are misogynists, women belong in the workforce just as much as any man, and having a family means battling a husband for an equal partnership in which you, the wife, can still have a full-time career in exchange for another woman raising the kids.

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