A DAY OF INFAMY November 29, 2022

From Columbia Christians for Life:

A DAY OF INFAMY November 29, 2022 

The United States Senate has just shaken its puny fist in the face of Almighty God and passed HR 8404, the DIS-Respect for Marriage Act, federally codifying protection of sodomite and lesbian "marriage" [sic]. Yea - 61, Nay - 36 


God is not mocked. Whatever a man, or woman, or city, or state, or nation sows, that they will also reap. 

May God be pleased to raise up a generation of faithful and obedient Christians to one day, hopefully soon, rescind this abominable piece of wicked, sinful, unrighteous, immoral, unholy legislation ! 

Matthew 16:18, KJV Psalm 110:1, KJV

US Senate Roll Call Vote on Passage of HR 8404 DIS - Respect for Marriage Act 61 Yeas (including 12 Republicans) 36 Nays 3 Not Voting (including 2 Republicans)



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