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Do We Need a New Log College?

 By Dewey Roberts - Posted at Vanguard Presbyterian Church:

Sharon James[1], a friend from London, sent me a podcast by an atheist, James Lindsay, a couple of weeks ago on the topic of Critical Theory. Critical Theory is the Marxist view from which Critical Race Theory is derived. What is interesting about Lindsay’s podcast is that he understands what is happening in the seminaries and churches better than 95% of the pastors. He understands clearly that this is a Marxist plot to destroy the West and to promote the idea of the inevitably of ascendancy of Marxism. Listening to that podcast, I could not get out of my mind the words of a former professor at Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia who wrote me and acknowledged that CRT has Marxist roots, but he thinks that is okay as long as the church tries harder to mend racial tensions. The answer to racism is not Marxism. People who naively think that it is have never seen the ugly face of Marxism—as I have. They do not have a file with the KGB/FSB—as I do. What is readily apparent to anyone who thinks about it is that, once again, the greatest threat to evangelicalism in the West are seminaries. Many of the leading Reformed seminaries in the US and West were founded 50, 80 or 100 years ago to combat the form of liberalism/progressivism in those days.

As I have written before, the approach to destroying the church and seminaries has now changed. Instead of making a frontal attack on the “truth” (which was the typical approach in the past)—now Satan is inciting attacks on the “life.” Yet, truth and life go together. Orthodoxy and orthopraxy cannot be separated. It is impossible for any seminary to “contend earnestly for the truth which was once for all handed down to the saints” (Jude 3) without also being zealous for orthopraxy. Orthopraxy is the area which is being attacked today. They tell us that you can be a Christian and hold to the Marxist views of Critical Theory. They tell us that a minister can be a Christian even though he identifies as a homosexual (and calls himself such) as long, supposedly, as he remains celibate. Of course, who is watching to make sure that such ministers are actually being celibate? What is happening before our eyes is a chipping away of the life of holiness which is a necessary part of the foundation of the Christian faith. When orthopraxy falls completely, orthodoxy will be lost also. At present, I feel that the orthopraxy of the church is on ground just as shaky as Vladimir Putin’s standing in Russia after the losses of the last week in the war with Ukraine—or, the special military maneuvers.

What is happening begs the question that is the title of this article: Do we need a new Log College for our day? That is a question that is being asked in many parts of Vanguard Presbyterian Church. Just today, I was contacted by an aspiring minister who asked me if Vanguard had any recommendations or requirements concerning seminaries. There certainly still are options for ministerial candidates in the West, but not nearly as many as there were 20 years ago. I am enclosing a short part of one chapter of my book, Samuel Davies: Apostle to Virginia, with this article. It is about the original Log College. The name, Log College, is used by at least two organizations to my knowledge. With all due respect to anyone who is also using the name, my emphasis on the Log College goes beyond the name. It goes to the doctrines that were taught at the Log College. So, here is a page about that original Log College:


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