Mexican pastor shot and killed while at the pulpit during Sunday service

Christian Post

By Samuel Smith - Posted at the Christian Post:

A pastor in southwest Mexico was shot and killed during a church service on Sunday amid ongoing targeting of faith leaders by criminal gangs.

According to international watchdog charity group Christian Solidarity Worldwide, Pastor Alfrery LĂ­ctor Cruz Canseco was preaching from the pulpit of the Fraternidad Cristiana church in the town of Tlalixtac de Cabrera in the Oaxaca state when he was shot at point-blank range.

Canseco died while he was being transported to a local hospital. His attacker was arrested after congregants prevented his escape.
“We extend our deepest condolences to the family and congregation of Pastor Cruz Canseco,” CSW Chief Executive Merwyn Thomas said in a statement. “The fact that he was targeted while in the pulpit is particularly shocking.”
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